Corporate Philosophy


We will be the #1 cosmetics company, bringing beauty to every Filipino home, here and abroad.

Sa lahat ng sulok ng mundo, sa bawat tahanan, may Ever Bilena.

"Kami ang mag-aalaga sa'yo"


To bring beauty to every Filipino home by:

  • Providing the right products with the right price to the right customers at the right time.
  • Making every customer's experience a delight.
  • Widening coverage and ensuring availability in all distribution channels.
  • Maintaining and expanding our consumer brand franchise.
  • Continuously improving operations, systems, and people competencies

...while ensuring profitability

About Us

Careline Cosmetics

Careline Cosmetics has evolved from Nail Polish to a complete product line of make-up and skin care for teenagers. For years, the brand was created to cater the demands of younger generation consumers of Ever Bilena Cosmetics. It suits the taste of the adventurous, young, carefree and fun loving teenagers who want to establish their own identity.

Careline girls are eager to try new things. They have the guts to show who they are and what they want. Good thing! The products offered by Careline are enriched with Vitamin E that helps moisturize the skin and gives a natural look for Careline girls. With make-up products that are focused on Oil Control Formula to remove excess oil from the face, it surely is a stress-buster for every teenager. Their beauty break-outs such as pimples, acnes, dark spots and blemishes are some of the teenage skin problems solved by Careline.

The products are made from 100% high grade ingredients that are safe for all types of skin. All Careline Cosmetics are imported from trusted suppliers in Europe and Asia.

Along with Ever Bilena, Careline Cosmetics has been recognized as one of the strong brands in the cosmetics industry- a brand that stands on its own identity! With its quest to be the “top of mind brand” for blooming teeners, Careline continues to develop new products that would help increase its market share and enhance the personality of Filipina teenagers. In fact, it launched a product extension called Tweeny which suits the demands of younger teens.

Look your best and create your style. Be unique, confident and stay beautiful. Be a Pretty Lady, choose Careline Cosmetics…

Sister Brands

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