9th Comguild

It was an honor that the Careline team had the opportunity to join the country's future journalists in the celebration of the 9th Annual Conference of Journalism and Mass Communication students of the Philippines. It was held at the AFP Theater and attended by renowned speakers. It was a fun, and inspiring event! Thanks for having us.

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Adamson Media Summit

Careline supported the Communication students of Adamson University in their event entitled “Adamson University Media Summit” Divergence and Convergence: Situating the Role of Communication in Nation Building. Its aim is to make the students understand the media’s role in promoting local culture vis-a-vis the global media trend, convey the magnitude of traditional mainstream media influences, and the growing weight of the social media in the country.

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Adamson SOS Marketing Conference

The Careline team equipped the Adamson Marketing Management students by demonstrating proper grooming and self presentation as part of their Public Speaking seminar. Careline believes that girls should always put their best face forward, combined with confidence and good personality to seize every opportunity that comes their way. Thanks for having us Adamson Junior Marketing Association!

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Careline joined the Students of Architerture and Fine Arts of the Bulacan State University who showcased and celebrated the diversity of the Filipino Culture, it’s uniqueness that sets our country apart from other Asian nations.

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Careline joins the future accountants of Far Eastern University as they celebrate their 1st Academic Conference. Careline gave away products as prizes for their segment games.

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UST Artlets

The Arts and Letters students from the University of Santo Tomas gave a warm welcome to the Careline team as they joined event entitled "Downtrend". It talked about different issues in the country today that are relevant to the studnets. The attendees were glad as they received their Careline prizes!

UST Marketing Conference

Careline team joined the Philippine Junior Marketing Administration in their regional Marketing Conference held in UST. Different universities like San Beda, Letran, FEU joined the conference as well. Students and professors were very enthusiastic in participating in the pick-a-prize and in the “Show Me” booth of Careline team.

Kapuso Careline Make Over

Careline is the pioneer make-up provider for all the young and fresh Filipinas of today. Transforming the bland youth face to a healthy and fresh aura, it has been the house name and go-to for all ladies who are in search of quality cosmetics at an affordable price.

In the same manner, Unang Hirit – the pilot morning news magazine program of GMA Network, has been around to provide Filipinos their daily dose of news in the morning, blended with the latest trends and the quirkiest stories.

With this, an ever beautiful partnership was created, as Careline houses its "Careline Make-over" segments to the Kapuso network!

Last July 9, the Careline team rolled out the red carpet as glam and fab was laid out in Plaza Ibarra, Timog Avenue, for four lucky letter senders who became our beautiful make-over subjects!

Graced by the ever gorgeous Ms. Francine Prieto, the shoot was filled with youthful vibes and energy – the perfect characteristics of a Careline beauty.

At the end of the activity, the four subjects bloomed and became pretty morning glories!

Catch them and Ms. Francine in our segments every Tuesday morning at Unang Hirit – and promise us to make it a habit, alright? ‘Til next gorgeous time! Be pretty, love Careline!


This June’s issue of the Philippine Star "Allure" section was filled with freshness and youth vibe as our pretty ladies ditch the swimwear and dab on their school uniforms back. On Careline's feature last June 16 was Miss Patricia Andulte, the reigning Miss Teen Philippines 2013.

Miss Andulte created a lively atmosphere as the Careline Pretty Ladies team shot styled her with vibrant colors mixed and matched with our favorite Careline Cosmetics! Check out the BTS here!

The photos are basically inspired by the "Back-to-school" chic which feature utility and sassiness (plus glamour) even inside the confines of the classroom.


This June, MYX Magazine will spell out g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s as they feature Yen Santos, one of Careline’s endorsers, in their issue. A combination of vintage-y yet funky inspired photo shoot for the magazine was held at an artsy and very cozy Korean themed studio called Namu located in Diliman, Quezon City.

Started on a mid-afternoon, the photo shoot lasted for about 3 hours with nearly an hour smoothly allotted for every segment. The studio was filled with laughter and frequent smiles as Yen confidently exudes her charm along with her perky persona to the crew.

The photos were basically inspired by none other than Yen’s true personality and what is there to watch out for? Catch this lovely teen as she reveals her favorite makeup look, fashion style and personal hobbies one by one. events Along with Yen, Sam Concepcion also joined the crowd a few hours after to have his photos taken also for the magazine. The two will have separate features that will surely be a major must-see!

The shoot was attended by Yen and Sam’s Ever Bilena family, the people behind MYX Magazine along with one of today’s most talented photographer, Cyrus Panganiban.

To be pretty is fun! Careline Cosmetics TV Commercial


Calling all pretty ladies!


Sarah Geronimo has finally revealed her newest discovery! Recently, Careline Cosmetics launched its newest TV Commercial featuring the teen princess during a press conference at Max's Restaurant, Scout Tuason, Quezon City.


Mr. Mark Salecina, the brand manager of Careline Cosmetics was at helm in hosting the event. He gladly welcomed the guest and media while Mr. Onin Mas, Marketing Manager, was proud to congratulate the Careline team for the successful production of the commercial.


With grace and poise, Sarah Geronimo revealed her newest discovery as she sang "All Pretty Ladies", the theme song of the TV Commercial. The teen princess has become the newest ambassador for teenage beauty break-outs such as pimples, acnes, blemishes and dark spots. During the Press Conference, her style and looks complements her simplicity and natural charm. Evolving from her pa-sweet character, the lady-like Sarah is now ready to conquer the world with Careline Cosmetics at her side. Through Sarah Geronimo, teenagers will have an idea of the true meaning of beauty.


Careline Cosmetics has created its own brand identity. It's vision is to enhance the natural glow of the teens while giving them a lot of exciting and skin-safe beauty product choices. The company has been careful in choosing a right endorser who is passionate, natural, fun-loving and a true believer of the products. Sarah has a passion for simplicity and comfort so she truly has a genuine spirit of a teenager!


In answering queries of the audience and press, Sarah Geronimo manages it with confidence. With Careline Cosmetics, she answers all the questions with no signs of dullness. To all pretty ladies who want to stand out the crowd, join Sarah in her campaign for FUN and BEAUTY.








Careline invades STI Colleges!


Careline Cosmetics has been visiting STI campuses to promote fun and beauty to students! For the past few months, Careline Cosmetics has been sponsoring Mr. and Ms. STI in some of its branches in Metro Manila and Northern Luzon. The company has been helping students to boost their confidence and show their best in every path they take.


The tour keeps every student aware of their appearance and style. Nowadays, these students are eager to try and discover new things—what's hot and what's new. They are looking for fun, adventure and challenge to enhance their personality. No wonder why Careline Cosmetics supports the teenage spirit! The company has been promoting beauty and excitement to teens by boosting their confidence with makeup products that are friendly to skin. With these, it encourages them to stand out and face school pressures with poise.


Careline Cosmetics is the official sponsor of the Mr. and Ms. STI College in Campus and Cluster Competition. STI Colleges continue to nurture individual minds to become competent and responsible individuals. On top of that, they also want their students to possess the Careline spirit, someone who is passionate, loving and smart!


The company helps the STI candidates to stand out during the competition. In helping the students to show their charm and talent, Careline Cosmetics has been true to its vision-- that is to support and cater the demands of the young generation. They give their full support to every candidate as they encourage them to enjoy and have fun while giving their best.


In every pageant, moments of fun and laughter are remembered. The competition is not seen as mere battle but a celebration—a gathering of the new generation of teen beauties and talents. The teen winners take home the following titles: Mr. Blackwater (an image of a modern man with an appealing personality) and Ms. Careline (a pretty girl who has a fun and loving image) as they walk the center stage with grace and enthusiasm. 


The Search for Mr. and Ms. STI serves as a reunion of two families that prioritize the upbringing of the aspiring individuals of society. The tandem of Careline Cosmetics and STI are perfect fit for teens of today’s generation.


The STI school tour is the first destination to reach out to teens. Watch out for our next pit stop! Who knows? It might be your school this time...


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