Product Highlights

Be the girl that everyone admires! When it comes to make-up, only choose Careline Cosmetics. With its oil control formula and vitamin E enriched products that's perfect for tween and teens alike, you'll surely be on your way to having that Pretty Lady aura.

make up tips Oil Control Face Powder with Vitamin E
  • Especially designed face powder for teens.
  • Developed with an oil-control formula, it provides shine-free, light and natural looking coverage.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E that helps keep skin moisturized all day long.
make up tips Careline Color Pencil
  • Enriched with Vitamin E that promotes healthy skin
  • Glides smoothly on your skin
  • Each color pencil comes with an eyebrow brush for better blending and defining of your brows.
make up tips CL I Love Make-up set
  • Cute, colorful and catchy eye shadows and check blush in one handy compact case
  • Infused with Vitamin E that keeps skin moisturized all day long.
make up tips Careline Easy mascara
  • Formulated for tweens and teens use, this mascara creates fuller and thicker looking eyelashes to emphasize the eyes.
  • It instantly volumizes and adds intense pigment to the lashes
  • Comes in stylish, hip casing that fits in every purse, and even pockets, letting you do touch-ups anytime you want!
make up tips Careline Lipstick
  • Flaunt lightly frosted lips to accentuate your sweet, charming look!
  • A lipstick that is especially developed for teens and tweens!
  • With the help of Vitamin E, it moisturizes the lips after every application to keep it soft and moisturized!
make up tips Magic Lipstick
  • Be amazed on how this candy-colored lipstick "magically" turns into different color few seconds after you apply it on your lips.
  • Comes in delightful, fruity scents!
  • Keeps lips moisturized all day long and protects it from drying courtesy of Vitamin E.
make up tips Careline Tweeny Love Body Spray
  • Teens will definitely love this fragrance that suits their personality and mood.
  • With four variants to choose from Tweeny Love Crazy Love for adventurous gal; Tweeny Love Sugar Puff for sweet and serious girl; Tweeny Love in Hush Love perfect for the glam girl and Tweeny Love in Tender Love for girls with trendy and active lifestyle.
  • Delicately formulated and designed for every teen girl to make her extremely admirable and lovable!