It's Official: Francine Diaz is Careline's *Newest* Endorser!

It's official, you guys: Francine Diaz is the *newest* endorser of the Careline!

The 18-year-old actress has recently been added to the cosmetic brand's stellar lineup of endorsers, and TBH, we can't think of a more perfect fit! Careline first *teased* the fans with a post on their social media pages with the caption: "CAUTION: TOO COOL. A new star has joined the #CarelineGang."

While most of the star's features were covered up by her denim jacket, hardcore fans were able to guess it quickly, especially when another teaser was dropped. It showed off Francine's sweet smile and doe eyes, so there was definitely no mistaking that the 18-year-old was the brand's newest endorser!

When it comes to makeup, Francine is versatile—while you can usually spot her in ~*glowy*~ makeup looks, she's proven that she can also rock more fun looks like bold eyeshadow, vivid blush, and glittery lids. Now that she's paired up with Careline, we can expect more looks from her that we hope to recreate soon!

The future is definitely bright for this young star because aside from the latest feather in her cap, you'll catch Francine in the upcoming series, Dirty Linen, alongside her new on-screen partner, Seth Fedelin.

Congratulations again, Francine!